Immediately after your purchase, you will be contacted by a consultant who will provide all the information the pack includes and will begin to work together with you in the selection and hiring of the different options.

The consultant will provide assistance until all the items in the pack have been completed and you are settled in Buenos Aires. The program has an estimated duration of 40 hours.


*Prices are expressed in US dollars.


    For housing, you will complete a form with your requirements in order to start receiving links with possible accommodation options. Once the options have been selected, will accompany you to visit them and we will assist you in the lease negotiation, signing of the contract and check-in.


     Holistic will offer you 3 coworking options in the best neighborhoods of the city and will provide assistance in booking the space.


    It is essential that you can have private health coverage during your stay in Buenos Aires. We will offer you 3 of the best options in the market.


    Since Argentina has currency exchange restrictions, Holistic will help you to know where to exchange your money safely and quickly.



    Buenos Aires is a city that invites to be visited, so we would like to help you with a gift card and credit so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.



    To enjoy the best of the city's cuisine,, we will give you a gourmet gift experience in the best restaurants in Buenos Aires.


    To stay strong and healthy, we will offer you options for the best fitness centers in the city with significant discounts and benefits



    Staying communicated is essential when you are abroad. That is why Holistic will give you a local line with gift credit.


     At the beginning of our services, we will hold a virtual meeting to review the most important aspects of living in Buenos Aires, from a local's point of view.


    From the beginning of our service and for 90 days, we will be available via chat to assist you with any doubts or inquiries you may have.